Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Rod Stewart should know about hpp

In the same issue of Instyle mentioned below I also came across this amazing quote by Rod Stewart regarding parenting his son, Alastair. He says, "It seems that my parenting skills have improved with experience," and adds, "I've learned that you've got to just let your children be who they are and celebrate their individuality."
Celebrating each child's individuality is what Hand Picked Pumpkin is all about! (that's acutally part of our boilderplate). Maybe we should send Rod a note of introduction!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Spa treatments at WholeFoods...is it true?!

As you can see from my favorite places to shop list ~ I love Wholefoods. Well, check-out what I just read in this months issues of Instyle...Wholefoods has a spa in their Dallas store! Sounds like you can check your grocery list at the door and have someone else do your shopping while you relax in their tranquil spa. Sweet! Wondering if they babysit too?! And when will this fabulous option be offered nationwide?

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Brandon visits mama at work

Brandon, my oldest son frequently joins me in the design studio. He loves to sort thru the trash can of fabric waste. Yes, a bit odd but he is seven and seven years olds love to collect things. So when he joins me in the studio, he collects little scraps of fabric waste and then gets creative (he's a little artist).
He especially loves to use our interlock knit for a variety of projects! I found this little scene last night. Looks like Hans Solo and his gang were outfitted with new cozy little chocolate brown capes! Honestly, I'm not sure about the Storm Trooper. I was not aware that Storm Troopers wore skirts...I'll have to check-in with B on that costume?!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My second attempt to start a blog!

So everyone keeps telling me to start a blog. They say "All small business owners have blogs, you should have one too" or "People will love to hear about your life as a busy mom, wife and entrepreneur " or "You've got great stories to share about your kids, your design studio, your kids in your studio, it will be great."

To me, a blog seems like a scary thing. A place where the whole world can read my words. But then again, what is that saying, "unless you try, you'll never know" so here I go!

I have resolved (once again) to start a blog. I hope to share my experiences, thoughts and views on motherhood, fostering creativity and starting and nurturing a growing business.

Welcome to Notions, I hope you enjoy!