Friday, November 13, 2009

Many thanks to Design {for} Baby!

Here's what Design {for} Baby has to say about Hand Picked Pumpkin:

Hand Picked Pumpkin :: Custom Baby & Toddler Clothing

If you always thought that having a hand in designing your baby’s clothing would be cool, Hand Picked Pumpkin is a clothing line you might be interested in checking out! The line allows parents to pick their garment, size, fabric and trim to custom-make individual items of clothing.

Hand Picked Pumpkin was founded on the belief that companies need to make decisions that will better both their community and environment. Since its initial launch in 2006 Hand Picked Pumpkin has made a commitment to reducing its environmental impact in as many ways as possible. One substantial step includes forgoing fanciful gift packaging. Other green efforts include contracting with local seamstresses, purchasing domestic materials, recycling, using non-toxic cleaning products and incorporating energy efficiencies in the design studio.

Hand Picked Pumpkin very graciously sent us one of their adorable shirt dresses for my daughter to try, and let me just say we are both madly in love with it! Each unique garment is made with domestically produced 100% cotton interlock knit, making the garment incredibly soft and "cozy" as my daughter would say! The shirt dress is also very easy to wear during potty training, all Julia has to do is lift it up and pull down her panties and she is ready to go! No more fiddling around with buckles ... woohoo!

Hand Picked Pumpkin's line of fashionable, functional and unique baby clothes is ready to be hand picked by you. The customization is incredibly fun and the clothes are so chic and comfortable you’ll wish they came in your size! Head on over to { } and take a look for yourself!

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